History of the Church

A Brief History Of Our Lady Of Victory Church

Our Lady of Victory Church dates back to 1908 when Rev. Juan Coma was in charge of the first construction of a frame building measuring 24 X 46 feet at the corner of Ireland and Avenue D. Services were for the Spanish-Speaking congregation and it was a mission of St. Joseph Church. The growth of the mission was very rapid and it became an independent parish in 1924.

A Franciscan Father, Rev. Turribuis Christman, who was assigned by Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Ledvina, was one of the pastors who played a big role in the beginning stages of the church. Additional property was acquired for the church within a few months. This consisted of three buildings that were used as rectory, school and convent. The fall of 1924 marked another stepping stone toward the growth of our parish. The school doors were opened to many eager children hungry for religious education with the first enrollment of 169 students. The Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament served the parish for many years. Later the Daughters of Charity and the Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic also rendered their wonderful service by sewing the seed of wisdom and knowledge in hundreds of students.

In 1927 the church was moved to the new property. Three years later The Missionaries of the Holy Family were entrusted with the care of the parish. Rev. Anthony Elsing, M.S.F. was the first pastor. 

In 1939 a new church was built. Bishop Ledvina dedicated the new church on December 17, 1939 and the old church was converted into a hall. Bishop Mariano S. Garriga dedicated the new school building in September 4, 1946, which consisted of five classrooms, and office, and a library.

In 1948 the parish hall was completely destroyed due to a strong tornado. As a result of the frantic efforts of the parishioners, a new hall was built in the following year. For almost twenty years the priests lived in the old house that was purchased in 1924. Later in 1954 a new rectory was built and the old building was demolished. in 1972 Rev. Anthony Elsing who was reassigned to O.L.V, renovated the church. During this renovation period a new section which included a cry room and an anteroom was added to the front of the church.

The Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF) served the parish until 1997. They are as follow: Rev. Frs.Anthony Elsing j. M. Paar, , Joseph Pelly, Herman Berg, Herman Defler, William Janning, Alphonse Fiato, Alois Hepp, Arthur Ockwood, Wenceslaus Lieb, John Fickinger, Robert O'Hara, Robert Bedrosian, Gerald Appleby, Richard G. Oberstar, John Flanagan, Joseph Audet, Eugene T. Ronan, Simon P. Brzozowski and  Brothers Theodore Garcia, Michael, Gregory Sollis and Jude Trevino. After 1997 we were served by diocesan priests from Corpus Christi Diocese Rev. Frs. Henry Heese and Richard Gonzales who served the parish for a few years. Fr Alphonse Narisrty who serviced a short time and  Fr. Luke Thirunelliparambil is pastor and Fr. Flover Osorio is the associate pastor. As of now we have our present pastor Fr. Luke Thirunlliparambil.

Our Lady of Victory has always been blessed by the free service of volunteers for office work, cleaning, landscaping, mowing, bingo, maintenance etc. Let us be proud of the great cooperation of all the parishioners.

Growing Through Changes:

Our Lady of Victory Church is under the guidance of Fr. Luke Thirunelliparambil, who has been our pastor for about 13 years. I would like to take this opportunity to say who I am as well as what I see for the this church in the coming years. I hope that this will encourage you to become a more active member of this church and to continues to grow in love and faith with us.

I am an American citizen, but originally from India. I was ordained a priest on December 30, 1992. While I was a pastor in India, I used to practice law as an attorney-at-law. It is my ardent love for God, through the Catholic Church, that drove me to become God's lowly servant. I have always believed in all the teachings of the Catholic Church, which is one, Holy and universal in all its teachings and practices with all the other members all over the world. The beauty of the Catholic Church is that I can officiate a Holy Mass in any country and not be lost, because we perform the same practice all over the world.

I love serving this parish. All of you are very cooperative and support me in all decisions. You are all caring people and also support each like a family.

I will continue to serve this parish, with lots of new changes and fruitful benefits for our parishioners. 

Please know that I am always available for you and your family, and know that you have many brothers and sisters in Christ at Our Lady of Victory.

With Love,

Fr. Luke 




To Know Christ

And Make

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